Acadie vivante is a Web site that showcases the dynamism and resilience of contemporary Acadian culture by presenting several of its traditional customs that are still alive today. These traditions illustrate various aspects of Acadian culture, such as folklore, material culture, food, and the Acadian language. One section of the Acadie vivante Web site is also dedicated to the question of Acadian identity.

Acadie vivante is intended for French and English-speaking students in Canadian elementary schools, as a result of its numerous educational activities, and for members of the general public who are interested in discovering or learning more about one of the founding cultures of Canada. The themes illustrated on this Web site are documented by means of original, video-based interviews conducted with women and men who still practice these traditional Acadian customs or who have adapted them to modern-day settings, as well as with various specialists who provide context for these traditional practices. These interviews are supplemented by a digitized collection composed of historical objects, photographs and contemporary documents which were provided in most part by the Acadian Museum and Acadian Research Centre of Prince Edward Island. Lastly, Acadie vivante proposes a selection of Web sites and a list of publications that are pertinent to each theme.