Vinyl replacement windows versus Aluminum Windows

When you start looking for options to replace your windows, you might feel as if you have fallen through a looking glass. There are various options at hand. As a matter of fact, you have to consider different points such as temperature, condensation, seepage, etc. before you opt for the vinyl replacement windows. In this blog, you will information that will help you to compare different characteristics of aluminum and vinyl windows.


Vinyl Windows: These windows are usually more attractive and less utilitarian overall appearance.  Different types of finishes are offered in the vinyl window frames. In case there are chips or develops scratches for some reason, the exposed parts of the vinyl replacement windows are going to look the same.  This is because the material is the same throughout.  However, vinyl frames tend to be thicker than the aluminum ones. This might not be as appealing as the aluminum counterparts.

Aluminum Window: If a painted aluminum frame develops a scratch or chip, the metal is going to show through. However, the frame is thinner offering more modern aesthetics which is good for larger and commercial buildings.  Large size windows will also be available.

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Vinyl Windows: The vinyl replacement windows are highly resistant to marring, cracking, and scratching. Moreover, it is not going to be dented easily.

Aluminum Windows: It is resistant to scratching, marring, and cracking, except for the surface, if you powder-coat or paint it.  It is more prone to dents.


Vinyl Windows: It cannot be painted. Hence, the problem is that the exact color match might be pretty difficult to achieve.

Aluminum Window: Aluminum window frames might be painted or powder coated. Hence, you will be able to get the exact color that you want for the frame.  Nonetheless, if the outer coating or the paint chips off, the metal underneath is going to be visible.


Vinyl Windows: The vinyl replacement windows might not be that strong.

Aluminum Windows : These are little stronger than the vinyl window frames.


Vinyl Window: The wood-grain which appears on the vinyl windows is considered to be a popular alternative to the actual wood. This is more problematic than the aluminum or vinyl windows. As a matter of fact, it is also known to be better than the painted surface of the aluminum windows.

Aluminum Windows: In order to get the look of wood on the aluminum windows, you have to give it a coating treatment.  However, this is inferior to the grain effect of vinyl windows as it has the same material throughout unlike the external coating.



Vinyl Window: Corrosion is not a problem when it comes to vinyl windows.

Aluminum Window: Over time, the zinc or steel fasteners that are used for aluminum windows might react with aluminum or corrode.

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Fading and Pitting

Vinyl Windows: Vinyl replacement windows don’t have this problem.

Aluminum Windows: Aluminum windows might put and the fainted surface might start to fade.


Vinyl Windows: The vinyl windows create less condensation in comparison to aluminum or wood.

Aluminum Windows: The heat transfer action is characteristic of aluminum and it creates condensation and various other problems related to this.  When condensation seeps in, it will cause mildew, rot, and mold.